Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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I haven't been on Blogspot in so long because I don't have much time for it because high school's too much for me to handle right now. But here's an updates post :-) Or an about me I'm not really sure.

I'm just starting high school so I'm a freshman in the 9th grade.  Since I started the 9th grade, I've changed a bit I think. I've re-vamped my Instagram, I've changed my schedule, I've changed my diet and basically everything... I don't know.

I've also changed my interests in life. Nowadays I've found my love for fashion has deepened and it's funny to me because I don't really wear many stylish clothing. My usual attire is a pair of black leggings, a crop top or muscle tank, a cardigan or a jacket or a sweater, and that's it. I'm actually really into high fashion but many people don't know about it because at school I'm more of a tomboy.

High school has also made me wonder what I want to do in my life and think about what I want to major in during college. At first, I wanted to learn more about music but my mom and my family would most likely disapprove because of past experiences with my sister... Now I'm figuring out whether or not I should do something in computers or fashion or maybe graphic design?

I hate high school sometimes just because I'm always so tired. I'm always tired and I fall asleep right when I come home and then I wake up around 9pm and freak out about projects, tests, and homework. At times like this, I think my teachers hate kids.

This is really random I know. None of my paragraphs even connect really but whatever. Have a nice day!
Friday, July 11, 2014
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i slept at 4-5am yesterday and i woke up at 12pm because my mom was calling me nonstop on my cell :-/

i stayed in bed till about 1:50pm watching roommate (i still have to catch up agh) and reading fanfics haha and then i got up to take a shower and to get ready to go to my mom's shop !

from my house to my mom's shop takes about 6-7 minutes on my scooter so it isn't too far. if i walk it'd probably take 15 minutes. ah! that reminds me!! it's july 11 also known as 7/11 so it's free slurpee day at the 7-11 :-) there's one next to my mom's shop so yay ~

my bike has flat tires so i've been using my scooter as transportation for a couple months haha. the blue one on the right is an electric scooter that my dad secretly bought for me a couple years back (when we were cleaning out the garage, my mom found it) but it doesn't work since my dad didn't charge it at all so the battery's too old. it still works but not as an electric scooter :-)


i chose to use my brandy melville backpack ($55) and i wore my pink/white floral dress from forever 21 ($20) and my brandy melville denim jacket ($45) 

i don't wear accessories except for my disneyland bracelet that says 'kris wu' hehe ~

so i got to my mom's shop and i unzipped my backpack to take my laptop out and guess what happens? yup. i got my hair stuck in the zipper ahh of course... my hair's so long it always gets stuck in random places. my cardigans, my buttons, my bracelet etc. ((sighs)) life is hard (´Д`)

i still haven't gotten my free slurpie because everyone's busy at the shop and my mama won't let me walk over there but i'm going to make sure i get my slurpee!!!

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Thursday, July 10, 2014
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so i didn't get to sleep at all sadly... i don't know why but i just can't make myself sleep and it's already pretty bright so :-/

since i'm actually awake at 7am i thought i'd take a few pictures of what it looks like @ 7am where i live.

during the summer, it's way brighter than usual. i know because i used to wake up at 5am to go out running before i come back home to take a shower and get ready for school and it would be completely dark.

left - closed ; right - opened blinds

ah my mom said she'd buy me curtains or something because my blinds have been broken for who knows how long -.- but that still hasn't happened yet. i took this picture probably at 6:30am

ah yes. my precious k-pop posters/photocards. all 4 walls have been covered in posters. well... not fully. i still have to rearrange the posters to fit and i have more than 10 posters to hang up as well so ;;;; 

this is what my backyard and part of my kitchen looks like at approximately 7am in the morning during the summer :-) pretty bright huh?


Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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ahh well today was pretty boring i guess? but i was more productive than usual because i went to violin class today @ 6:00pm!

i woke up around 12:30pm because it's summer and why the heck not right?

alrighty so today i took the liberty to take pics of my house (mostly because my sister had taken away my laptop and i didn't have anything else to do) so here's a living + dining room tour!!

i play tennis in my house (like on the walls) and just saying... not a good idea. i hit the chandeliers a few times and i thought it was gonna fall down ;;; i just want a tennis court like the one at my uncle's house >//<

my sister had me doing the thank you cards that we have to send to all the people that attended the funeral ;; there were too many so i didn't finish !!!

 not sure why we have a bunch of valentine's day stuff but they were pretty cute so i took a picture :-)

&& to be honest i don't even know why we have so many gym workout equipment... i only use the treadmill to run and my mom uses her shaking machine thingy... we don't use the other stuff

the backyard! we got rid of all the grass because we never watered it and it was always dead and ugly. it looks nicer now hehe our backyard looks very green now ( ^∇^)

on the way back home from violin class. i never really understood why people would want to live in those houses. sure, they're pretty big but the setting is so loud and ugly ;; but the exterior of the houses are very pretty i have to admit.

tammy (aka my sister) bought me chick-fil-a before i went to violin hehe (⌒▽⌒)☆
i got dr. pepper ~ oh and you can see the bracelet i got from grad nite @ disneyland ! it says kris wu (i got that since emily nguyen is too long) and it has a star on it ;-) the bracelet costs about $10 and the charm adds on ... less than $2


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well not really... i made this blogspot somewhere before 12am but after a lot (and i do mean a lot) of time running around trying to figure out how this damn site works (with the help of mary and ceci whom i adore very much) i finally got this thing running.

right now i feel like crying. why? because i'm so tired. this site is such a pain in the butt seriously -.-

ah well now i got to figure out what to do with this site. i think i'll post my reviews and i guess my everyday life (not really... who has time for that) etc.

it's summer right now and i don't go out much so i wouldn't imagine me making blog posts about my day because my day would consist of being in bed all day with my macbook pro going on tumblr and twitter... yeah.

okay well i'm tired so i'm gonna go read hunhan fluff fanfics and probably watch lie to me on netflix then try to sleep. ciao!


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