Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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ahh well today was pretty boring i guess? but i was more productive than usual because i went to violin class today @ 6:00pm!

i woke up around 12:30pm because it's summer and why the heck not right?

alrighty so today i took the liberty to take pics of my house (mostly because my sister had taken away my laptop and i didn't have anything else to do) so here's a living + dining room tour!!

i play tennis in my house (like on the walls) and just saying... not a good idea. i hit the chandeliers a few times and i thought it was gonna fall down ;;; i just want a tennis court like the one at my uncle's house >//<

my sister had me doing the thank you cards that we have to send to all the people that attended the funeral ;; there were too many so i didn't finish !!!

 not sure why we have a bunch of valentine's day stuff but they were pretty cute so i took a picture :-)

&& to be honest i don't even know why we have so many gym workout equipment... i only use the treadmill to run and my mom uses her shaking machine thingy... we don't use the other stuff

the backyard! we got rid of all the grass because we never watered it and it was always dead and ugly. it looks nicer now hehe our backyard looks very green now ( ^∇^)

on the way back home from violin class. i never really understood why people would want to live in those houses. sure, they're pretty big but the setting is so loud and ugly ;; but the exterior of the houses are very pretty i have to admit.

tammy (aka my sister) bought me chick-fil-a before i went to violin hehe (⌒▽⌒)☆
i got dr. pepper ~ oh and you can see the bracelet i got from grad nite @ disneyland ! it says kris wu (i got that since emily nguyen is too long) and it has a star on it ;-) the bracelet costs about $10 and the charm adds on ... less than $2


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