Friday, July 11, 2014
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i slept at 4-5am yesterday and i woke up at 12pm because my mom was calling me nonstop on my cell :-/

i stayed in bed till about 1:50pm watching roommate (i still have to catch up agh) and reading fanfics haha and then i got up to take a shower and to get ready to go to my mom's shop !

from my house to my mom's shop takes about 6-7 minutes on my scooter so it isn't too far. if i walk it'd probably take 15 minutes. ah! that reminds me!! it's july 11 also known as 7/11 so it's free slurpee day at the 7-11 :-) there's one next to my mom's shop so yay ~

my bike has flat tires so i've been using my scooter as transportation for a couple months haha. the blue one on the right is an electric scooter that my dad secretly bought for me a couple years back (when we were cleaning out the garage, my mom found it) but it doesn't work since my dad didn't charge it at all so the battery's too old. it still works but not as an electric scooter :-)


i chose to use my brandy melville backpack ($55) and i wore my pink/white floral dress from forever 21 ($20) and my brandy melville denim jacket ($45) 

i don't wear accessories except for my disneyland bracelet that says 'kris wu' hehe ~

so i got to my mom's shop and i unzipped my backpack to take my laptop out and guess what happens? yup. i got my hair stuck in the zipper ahh of course... my hair's so long it always gets stuck in random places. my cardigans, my buttons, my bracelet etc. ((sighs)) life is hard (´Д`)

i still haven't gotten my free slurpie because everyone's busy at the shop and my mama won't let me walk over there but i'm going to make sure i get my slurpee!!!

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